To be in the fore front of HSC seats manufactures makes us work even harder to find the next chapter of suspension technology. Now, all seats are supported by Ohlins, the worldwide leader in racing motor sports and famous for their passion for innovations and their state-of-the-art technology. The shock absorbers have settings which have been made by the Greek Ohlins Team and we estimate that these seats have the best behaviour comparing to any other of its category. The perfect quality of the shock with the self adjustment rebound system combined with the low friction joints places this suspension system among the leaders of their category.

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Ermioni VS Mil Mechanical Suspension
Ermioni VS Mil Mechanical Suspension

Test-bed experiments and measurements for evaluating the dynamic behavior of the developed suspension system are carried out in “Systems and Measurements” Laboratory in Electrical & computer Engineering Dept. of University of Patras, Greece, in order to ensure that the product meets specifications and complies with the required regulations and quality standards.